Chevron Vancies

Recent Graduate-D3

General Qualifications

  • Minimum GPA 2.75
  • Only D3 Degree
  • Graduated in 2006-July 31,2009 from reputable university in Indonesia or overseas
  • Years of experience less than 4 years
  • Good command of English
  • Willing to relocate to one of Chevron operations locations
  • Desiring to work in a multicultural and diverse organization

Skill Requirements:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • Team Player
  • Relationship building for personal benefits, personal results and unit’s benefit
  • Strong communications skills – orally and writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Computer literacy (Office applications)
  • Strong in taking initiative to prevent and resolve issues

Time Application:

  • Daily Discipline – arrival, departure, meetings, etc.
  • Meeting personal due dates for projects – usually short term by managing own time

Work Values:

  • Getting results through personal proficiency
  • High-quality technical work
  • Accepting Chevron’s values
  • Health, Environmental and Safety oriented

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Operator (Ops-FG/TO)


Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation or Chemical Engineering

East Kalimantan,Riau,West Java



IT Analyst (IT-FG/AN)


Telecommunication Engineering

East Kalimantan,Riau,West Java




* Pilih Job Title untuk detail lowongan / Click Job Title to view detail of job advertisement

How To Apply

These are several ways to apply our vacancies.


  1. You can register your personal email to get “Experd Account” in our website by clicking “Sign Up now!”
  2. Please complete the registration form and submit your email account.
  3. We will send you the confirmation link with information to activate your “Experd Account”.
  4. To activate your “Experd Account”, please confirm our email by clicking the confirmation link that we’ve sent to your personal email.
  5. After you activate your “Experd Account” and login, you can create your curriculum vitae using step by step resume builder or CV template in menu “Resume”. (Don’t forget to write down your details : personal data, education, and your experience)
  6. For applying the vacancies, please choose the vacancy in menu “Home” that you are interested to apply, and then click “Apply”
  7. Your data will be saved in our database and we will process it immediately. If there is any progress, we will inform you by phone or email.
    You can see your application status in “Application Status” menu after you login.

Visit our website regularly to get our update vacancies at   or



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  1. Damai Says:

    Hampir cocok, sayang skill requirements tidak sesuai. Thanks, terus update ya

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