Toshiba Global Recruitment

Anyone want to join global company with global people and industry, adaptable and interested in living  and working in Japan for long term (10 yeras or more).

Global Recruitment Objective:
To recuit highly capable graduate with outstanding potential, technological expertise and an interest in creating high value technologies and product that meet market needs, whocan support Toshiba in futher enhancing its global competitiveness through globalization and the expansion of overseas business.

Career Opportinities:
-System Engineer (Power System for Nuclear, Thermal and Hydroelectric)
-Design & Development Engineer, system Engineer, and Sales Engineer (Power Transmision & Distribution)
-Sales Engineer (Industrial System)
-Manufacturing Engineer
-Design & Development Engineer (Printer and POS terminals)

Qualification Requirement:
-Final Year student who will graduate by september 2011 or graduate who hold S1,S2,S3 degree. Max 26 years old by Dec 2010 for S1, 28 years old for S2
-A Bachelor’s or Higher degree Engineering, Science, management, especially in Electrical Eng, Electronic, Mechanical Eng, Industrial Eng, Informatics, Telecommunication Eng, Chemical Eng, App.Physics, or Nuclear Eng, Magister Management
-GPA min 3.00/4
-TOEFL > 500
-Creative, self-motivated people eager to learn new technologies
-Good interpersonal communication and presentation skills
-adaptable and interested in living and working in Japan for long term (10 yeras or more).

Job Type:
Permanent full-time employee

Work Location:

Toshiba in-house Companies, R&D Centers, and Group Companies located throughout Japan

Joining Date:

November 2011

Training And Development:
-Japanese language and culture
-Continuous skill upgrading
-Professional development

Work-Related Support:

-Full support will be provide in all relocation matters such as VISA application, moving arrangement, accomodation assistance, and guidance/support in adjusting to brand-new life in Japan
-Intensive Jpanese language training will be provided either before and/or after entering Japan
-Counseling, advisory and information sevices will be provided pertaining to culture, living custom and business life in japan.

Career Development:

Outstanding performers can look foward to being nurtured as leaders in either technical specialist or management paths in both line and staff functions.

Application Scedule:
-Short-listed applicants attend interviews held in Indonesia in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011
-Selected applicants will be invited to toshiba in japan for final interview in Feb 2011
-Succesful applicants will be offered position in Feb 2011
-Japanese language training will be provide in indonesia before joining Toshiba
-Officially join Toshiba in japan in nov 2011
-Orientation & induction for new hires and intensive japanese language training will be conducted for about 3 mounth from Nov 2011
-Official job assignment at Toshiba is targeted to commence in February 2012

please email to, if you need futher information (Attn: Mr. Asep Syaefuddin)
please directly click the website:

between (12th October – 30th November, 2010)


3 Responses to “Toshiba Global Recruitment”

  1. mohammad nur Says:

    tolong ditanyakan apakah diploma 3 tidak bisa ikut melamar,.


  2. lakstyo Says:

    di kolom job opportunities, apakah bisa apply untuk bagian Research (R & D)? Mengingat di halaman ini tdk ditulis jon opportunities untuk R&D, tapi di web toshiba global recruitment ada posisi itu.

    Terima kasih

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