Pertamina Vacancy

Why Pertamina ??
The largest stated owned company with the highest dividend to the Government
The economic powerhouse of Indonesia
More than 50 years experience in oil & gas and geothermal industry
Have integrated upstream to downstream oil, gas and geothermal operations, from Exploration and Production, Refining, Distribution, Marketing and Sales of products
Comitted to transformation programme from upstream to downstream operations inspired by our values: Clean,Confident, Competitive, Customer Focused, Commercial, Capable
Transformation program provides opportunities to
Develop ideas, creativities and innovations
Get involve in many challenging projects: improvement of operational quality, development of new system to development of businesses develop professional and personal capabilities through challenging works
Have commitment to transformation program inspired by 6C (Clean, Confident, Competitive, Customer Focused, Commercial, Capable)
Encourage continuous professional development for all – through structured courses, seminar, workshop, personal study and other methods, in Indonesia and abroad, and professional qualifications/certifications
Total competitive remuneration: salary, allowances, facilities and other benefits
You are the valuable asset that can accelerate the achievement of our vision – to be a world class national oil and gas company – and our strategic goals. We value our people with respect and dignity as we can sustain our business growth in the future through our people.

Click here for registration and detail information


2 Responses to “Pertamina Vacancy”

  1. Andy Khurniawan Says:

    Apa saja kriteria khusus untuk melamar pekerjaan di perusahaan pertamina?

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